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April 27 @ 7:30 pm

The complete culmination of works written and arranged by David “Cestari” Chung for his upcoming album “In A Moment”, “Moments” is a story of reflection and maturity.

Throughout his epic, sounds of music of all genres collide: Jazz, classical, RnB, latin, free improvisation, a cappella, all of which meld into a singular sound. Cestari accompanies his work with the works of great poets, as well as visual interpretations of his work curated by up-and-coming Boston based director and writer Leonardo Yana-Romero.

After over a year of writing, recording, arranging, and planning, there is no better time than now for this story to be presented. As one of the most unique and bold independent artists in New York, Cestari’s reimagination of common life experiences is one that must be experienced in Moments.